Ketenci & Ketenci is a full service Turkish Business law firm providing significant advice and service on Company, Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Law, Investment in Turkey, Shipping/Maritime and Aviation Law, Debt Recovery, Banking, Business Law, Intellectual Property, EU Law, International Trade Law, Litigation and Dispute Resolution in Turkey.

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Press Releases

We have been awarded as the 'Corporate Law Firm of the Year 2011 in Turkey' by UK Lawyer Monthly magazine. Please visit the link to see our awards page. We would like to thank to all our clients and colleagues for their kind contribution to our hard work so far. 

Ketenci&Ketenci recently signed a collaboration agreement with Dacheng Law Firm which is one of the biggest law firms in China. With this collaboration, we intend to assist Chinese investors in their investments in Turkey and Europe, and also we are now able to provide advice to our clients in China accordingly. In addition to investment purposes, we collectively advise on corporate, real estate, transportation law, debt recovery matters in China. Ketenci&Ketenci have signed an affiliation agreement with Ukrainan-based law firm Moskalenko&Partners in order to collaborate on all the legal matters arising out of either domestic or international laws. Thanks to such agreement, we are able to render legal services to our clients who are/will be operating in Ukraine as well.

M&A / Investment : 

Ketenci&Ketenci had its most successful year in the Turkish M&A market in 2011 as the numbers certainly show a marked improvement. We have advised on 7 deals with a total value of €2.5 bn. Continuing to play to its private equity strengths, the team has done well acting for a number of sovereign wealth funds in recent years, including a prominent Middle East investment firm.

Ketenci&Ketenci have been advising to a US-based Private Equity firm in relation to a huge investment in South Korea.  


Real Estate:

Ketenci&Ketenci teamed up with prominent Turkish real estate developers and European architects as a consortium for the development of a new urban land area in Istanbul. The project intends to modernise one of the oldest districts in Istanbul. It includes construction of new shopping malls, a new inner railway as well as a new airport. 

Ketenci&Ketenci have been advicing a prominent Dutch real estate company in relation to their €20m. investments in Turkey. The various tasks included investment and corporate advice, mediation and litigation.

Ketenci&Ketenci represents a renowned Italian-Turkish JV in respect to a real estate dispute which is now in the Court process. 


Aircraft & Ship Finance: Ketenci&Ketenci has been rendering legal services to a Canadian-based financial institution acting as lender on their respective aircraft financing matter in Turkey. Ketenci&Ketenci  arries out shipping work for its corporate client base. We are active in ship registration and we advise in relation to the sale and mortgaging of vessels, ship finance, charter parties and bills of lading. We are often instructed by specialist London firms, P&I clubs and by owners and operators of vessels. Energy Law:

Ketenci&Ketenci is advising a U.S. energy company in its investments in Turkey and the region. The Company is evaluating investment alternatives into Turkey’s electricity distribution and generation privatizations as well as renewable energy licenses.

Litigation & Debt Collection:

Ketenci&Ketenci have commenced to assist a respected Spanish law firm in relation to a debt collection matter in Greece.  

Ketenci&Ketenci assisted a South Korean company on a litigation matter to be pursued in Turkey. The matter finalised mutually before commencing any actions within the Court.

Ketenci&Ketenci assists a Dutch law firm in relation to €30m. dispute concerning property law. Ketenci&Ketenci have commenced to represent a Turkish exporter company in relation to a debt recovery matter which is to be pursued in 12 different countries around Europe.

Commercial Law: Ketenci&Ketenci adviced a Brussels based US-lawfirm regarding a contractual matter in Turkey.

Ketenci&Ketenci represents Turkish corporate clients in the arbitration panel IT Law: Ketenci&Ketenci has been representing a Hungarian-based IT company relating to their administrative processes before the Turkish Authorities.


Real Estate Market in Turkey

No doubt the global economic resession and crisis have affected the European and US real estate markets. On the other hand, the real estate markets in emerging markets like Turkey are still promising despite the global crisis.

New Turkish Commercial Code

The new Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 (the “New TCC”) was promulgated in the Official Gazette on February 14, 2011. The new Turkish Commercial Code will become effective as of July 1, 2012 pursuant to the Law numbered 6103 on the Validity and Application of the Turkish Commercial Code 1 July 2012 and Law. On the other hand, some of the provisions therein will be effective on different dates.

Aircraft Finance in Turkey

Turkey has recently ratified the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment (the "Convention") and the Protocol to the Convention on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment (the "Protocol" and, together with the Convention, the "Cape Town Convention"). By ratifying such Convention, Turkey has become a country which is very fit for aircraft finance in all respects.

Purchasing Property in Turkey

Real estate acquisition by foreign real and legal persons has been regulated in the article 35 of the Land Registry Law numbered 2644 with law numbered 5444 and dated December 12,2005 which was published in the Official Gazette of 26046 numbered and dated January 7,2006. New fundamental principles were regulated with this new law for acquisition of real estate by foreign real persons and trade companies having a legal personality and established in foreign countries according to the laws of these countries in Turkey...

Turkish Lawyers

Turkish law belongs to the Civil law family system, and the development of modern law in Turkey was initially commenced through to the latest decades of 18th Century. Thus, Turkish law was derived notably from German, Swiss and Italian law systems. Whereas it continuously is being amended in accordance with the EU laws and regulations nowadays...



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